[CQ-Contest] new hamshack computer

Gerry Hull vy1aaa at vy1ja.ca
Tue Nov 22 09:37:58 EST 2022

I have sold about 30 Lenovo M93P Tiny computers to ham friends.

The typical model is an I5, with 8GB of Ram, and a very fast 256GB SSD.
This box is very small, typically fitting on the back of monitors.
I put Win 10 pro on them.

Why are they good for ham radio?

- Typically, THREE Video outs -- VGA + Two Displayport (mechanical
conversion to HDMI).  The onboard Intel video will drive 3 4K monitors no
- 5 USB 3.0 high-speed ports.
- Built-in Audio.
- Gigabit Ethernet (some have wifi, but the I5 units typically it's only
2.5 GHz)

I use this as my ham computer every day, and I run:
- N1MM+ with spectrum window + RSP1
- FT8, other digital software,
- SmartSDR when connecting to remote Flex stations.
- SDRConsole.

No hiccups, very fast <5 second boot time.

Prices range from about $135 to $160.  Replacing memory with 16M cost about
However, in my daily use I don't see much difference.    This is short
money to get a
great ham experience.

You can find em on eBay.


Gerry W1VE

On Mon, Nov 21, 2022 at 2:33 PM Ron Notarius W3WN via CQ-Contest <
cq-contest at contesting.com> wrote:

> Small profile workstation, on the lines of a Lenovo or Dell Ultra Small
> Form Factor.
> Including:
>    - A mounting bracket to put it on the back of one of the monitors, to
> save desk space and reduce clutter.
>    - Wireless keyboard and mouse convenient but not essential.
>    - Since most of these are two small to have one internally, an external
> CD/DVD for those occasions where I need one.
>    - A real COM port would also be beneficial, for connecting to the rigs
> with a minimum of fuss.
>    - Dual video outputs (DisplayPort preferred).
>    - Gigabit Ethernet port essential; WiFi nice as well, but since the
> shack is already wired...
>    - 32 GB or RAM and at least a 500 GB solid state drive.
> Well, it is a wishlist...
> 73
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> If Santa was to bring you a new pc for the shack, what would you wish for?
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