[CQ-Contest] Is Self Spotting now allowed in ARRL tests?

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 10:53:18 EST 2022

Pete N4ZR writes:

> The difference is that if highly competitive single ops can self-spot,
> they will do so after every QSO, not every 10 minutes.  They are
> motivating those people to clog up the packet cluster network in ways
> that will make the RBN seem almost trivial.

Pete, it wasn't until Sunday morning in SS that I began keeping a log of
the cluster traffic to look just for self spots. I see 95 self-spots by 22
SS participants in the last 11.5 hours of SS SSB, which amounts to less
than 9 per hour.

I'm honestly surprised it's so low. Elsewhere in the thread I've already
shown how W5OV of the ARRL corrected my misreading of the text of the
actual SS rules, so maybe the language wasn't so clear to others either.
I'm gonna have to get some law dictionaries or something.

Self spots in the last 11.5 hours are below.

Tim N3QE

DX de K6OK:      21384.0  K6OK                                        1534Z
DX de W7RN:      14229.5  W7RN         NV                             1540Z
DX de K1KD:      14322.4  K1KD         MN                             1542Z
DX de W7RN:      14228.6  W7RN         NV                             1544Z
DX de W0UC:       7187.3  W0UC                                        1548Z
DX de N0UR:      21427.1  N0UR         USB                            1550Z
DX de N3OC:      21274.5  N3OC                                        1551Z
DX de W0UC:      21272.1  W0UC                                        1557Z
DX de NI0K:      21367.5  NI0K                                        1604Z
DX de W7RN:      21363.0  W7RN         NV                             1615Z
DX de W6SR:      21436.2  W6SR         USB                            1617Z
DX de W7RN:      21360.6  W7RN         NV                             1622Z
DX de N0UR:       7263.1  N0UR         LSB                            1633Z
DX de W0UC:      14338.1  W0UC                                        1640Z
DX de N3OC:      28433.0  N3OC                                        1700Z
DX de W7RN:      28417.0  W7RN         NV                             1703Z
DX de AB2ZY:     21320.0  AB2ZY        NNY                            1708Z
DX de K6OK:      28470.0  K6OK                                        1711Z
DX de N3OC:      14284.0  N3OC                                        1713Z
DX de K0HB:      21311.0  K0HB                                        1737Z
DX de N9TTK:     21318.5  N9TTK        IN                             1740Z
DX de W6SR:      21436.2  W6SR         USB                            1802Z
DX de N0EG:       7232.0  N0EG         OK where are you!!?!?          1803Z
DX de K6OK:      21373.0  K6OK                                        1805Z
DX de N3OC:       7208.0  N3OC                                        1815Z
DX de N3OC:      21319.0  N3OC                                        1824Z
DX de K1KD:      14322.8  K1KD         MN                             1833Z
DX de W6SX:      21388.8  W6SX         SJV                            1843Z
DX de K6OK:      28458.0  K6OK                                        1846Z
DX de K0AD:      21261.6  K0AD         USB                            1852Z
DX de K0AD:      14169.1  K0AD         USB                            1903Z
DX de K6OK:      21392.6  K6OK                                        1915Z
DX de K1KD:      21434.4  K1KD         MN                             1915Z
DX de N9TTK:     14295.5  N9TTK        IN looking for ONN             1918Z
DX de W6SR:      28424.4  W6SR         USB                            1919Z
DX de K0TG:      21282.9  K0TG                                        1931Z
DX de KI6RRN:    14281.6  KI6RRN       ORG                            1932Z
DX de K6OK:      14317.4  K6OK                                        1932Z
DX de W7RN:      28416.7  W7RN         NV                             1938Z
DX de K0AD:      21270.5  K0AD         USB                            1941Z
DX de W0UC:      28402.6  W0UC                                        1942Z
DX de K1KD:      21232.4  K1KD         MN                             1947Z
DX de KI6RRN:    28500.0  KI6RRN       ORG                            1950Z
DX de K0AD:      14174.1  K0AD         USB                            1950Z
DX de N9TTK:     14295.5  N9TTK        IN, need ONN                   1951Z
DX de W6SR:      14249.4  W6SR         USB                            1954Z
DX de W0UC:      21438.9  W0UC                                        1955Z
DX de K0TG:      21283.3  K0TG                                        2009Z
DX de W6SR:      21338.0  W6SR         USB                            2038Z
DX de K0TG:      14234.5  K0TG                                        2042Z
DX de K0TG:      14157.3  K0TG                                        2044Z
DX de W6SR:      14283.7  W6SR         USB                            2045Z
DX de K0AD:      14281.7  K0AD         USB                            2051Z
DX de AB2ZY:     14181.0  AB2ZY        NNY                            2053Z
DX de K1KD:      14344.2  K1KD         MN                             2108Z
DX de K0AD:      21369.2  K0AD         USB                            2115Z
DX de W6SR:      14175.0  W6SR         USB                            2117Z
DX de K0TG:      14289.9  K0TG                                        2120Z
DX de K0TG:      21291.0  K0TG                                        2136Z
DX de K0TG:      21294.0  K0TG                                        2143Z
DX de N9TTK:      7255.0  N9TTK        in                             2146Z
DX de W4SDX:     28405.0  W4SDX        USB                            2200Z
DX de W4SDX:     28405.0  W4SDX        SWEEPSTAKES USB                2201Z
DX de W6SR:      14340.6  W6SR         USB                            2208Z
DX de K1KD:       7253.7  K1KD         MN                             2210Z
DX de KD9V:       7272.0  KD9V         LSB                            2234Z
DX de W6SR:       7182.6  W6SR         LSB                            2239Z
DX de N9TTK:      7272.0  N9TTK        IN                             2250Z
DX de AB2ZY:      3777.5  AB2ZY        NNY                            2329Z
DX de K0AD:       7150.9  K0AD         LSB                            2336Z
DX de W6SR:      14183.2  W6SR         USB                            2341Z
DX de N9TTK:      7272.0  N9TTK        IN, need ONN                   2349Z
DX de W0UC:       3783.3  W0UC                                        2352Z
DX de NE9U:      14237.0  NE9U                                        2353Z
DX de K1KD:       7292.5  K1KD         MN                             0000Z
DX de KE0L:       7197.6  KE0L         LSB                            0003Z
DX de AB2ZY:      7215.0  AB2ZY        NNY                            0007Z
DX de K4PQC:      3532.9  K4PQC        CW                             0030Z
DX de W6SR:       7291.4  W6SR         LSB                            0037Z
DX de K1KD:      14311.4  K1KD         MN                             0048Z
DX de K1KD:       3765.9  K1KD         MN                             0106Z
DX de W6SR:       7280.9  W6SR         LSB                            0126Z
DX de AL2F:       7267.5  AL2F         AK                             0126Z
DX de W6SR:       7281.8  W6SR         LSB                            0136Z
DX de W0UC:       3669.1  W0UC                                        0153Z
DX de W6SR:      14246.8  W6SR         USB                            0154Z
DX de W4SDX:      3743.0  W4SDX        SWEEPSTAKES LSB                0155Z
DX de W6SR:       3638.5  W6SR         LSB                            0158Z
DX de NE9U:       3705.0  NE9U                                        0214Z
DX de W6SR:       7157.8  W6SR         LSB                            0221Z
DX de KD9V:       7250.0  KD9V         LSB IN                         0227Z
DX de KE0L:       3742.1  KE0L         LSB                            0231Z
DX de W6SX:       3740.4  W6SX         SJV                            0235Z
DX de W6SR:       7153.5  W6SR         LSB                            0247Z
DX de N9TTK:      7250.5  N9TTK        IN, NEED ONN                   0248Z

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