[CQ-Contest] Self-Spotting, but with a benefit?

Mike VE9AA ve9aa@nbnet.nb.ca ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Wed Nov 30 15:28:55 EST 2022

Hi Brian,

I don't yet use the contest scoreboards.  Have thought about it....a lot 
and will likely come over to the dark side eventually.

If (or when) I  do, there is ZERO chance I'd ever reveal what band I am 
making my QSO's on.  For instance, I might catch a weak 10m Es opening 
to western EU during a summertime contest or an early opening on 40m in 
mid afternoon in the fall.
  No way I would want to reveal to my competition that this is going on, 
so that they can also make it more difficult for me to make Q's or 
catchup/surpass me when they find these openings as well.

I am not sure anyone would want this....surely this is not the way these 
scoreboards operate?. I'll admit,  I know virtually nothing about the 
true operation of them in real time, though I have glanced at them 
once/twice over the years when there was no contest going on.

73 es keep up the good work on the contest writeups !
Mike VE9AA

For the categories/contests that allow self-spotting, could stations 
report scores during the contest to the online scoreboards have the 
ability and
OPTION to/not-to ALSO report their frequencies, and have those 
frequencies be
displayed on the leaderboards?
-Brian N9ADG</pre>

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