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Hi Jim,

Don't forget the two most important things of all:

1) Adequate sleep each night (most often dismissed and/or neglected by 
busy people)

2) Adequate hydration each day - drink plenty of water 4 - 6 large 
glasses per day + whatever you need to take with medications

If you are not getting adequate 1 and 2 each day, your list, as 
important as it is, won't do a lot of lasting good.  Nothing impairs 
memory faster than lack of sleep, especially as you get older.  And 
inadequate hydration is very impactful on cognition and memory as well, 
far more than most people realize.

Regarding neutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, etc). 
their potential value to your performance (especially in a contest) 
depends on your underlying health issues, what you take and when you 
take it, the dosage you take and whether or not it is additive to a good 
diet or in place of an adequate diet.  It also matters what medicines 
you are taking (and whether or not they are creating or exacerbating 
enzymatic or nutritional deficits), how bioavailable the supplements are 
(what they are packaged with) as we as their proximity to any medicines, 
antacids, and foods that you take.  It is a VERY complex!

Many people think that taking something either helps or not and then 
makes generalizations based on their experience.  That's not how it 
works.   Using a contesting analogy, you can have a stack of well 
designed monobanders, but if the stacking heights are chosen poorly, you 
use lossy coax with unequal lengths, and you have other antennas 
interacting with them, you might come away with the impression that 
monobanders are overrated.  But if you space your monobanders properly, 
phase them properly, keep the guy wires broken up with non-resonant 
lengths and keep the tower clear of clutter, you will discover just how 
amazing and transformative using monobanders can be.

Our health is no less different - we are insanely complex organisms with 
incredibly complex dynamic feedback pathways affecting more aspects of 
our daily (and contesting) performance than we can possibly imagine.  
That gives us great resilience and ability to compensate and adapt or it 
can crush us if we screw up what we are doing.

Having survived four agonizing near-fatal auto-immune diseases and 
multiple surgeries over the past 14 years, I can personally attest just 
how much a good diet, proper hydration and adequate sleep can profoundly 
impact your life and memory.  And the RIGHT, carefully chosen, 
neutraceuticals taken the correct way can help to stabilize and what 
medicines harm.  Finally, it should be remembered that as we age, and 
regardless of the level of conditioning and care we take of our bodies, 
there are many essential enzymes and functions that our bodies stop 
providing.  And we don't heal as fast.  Here again is where the RIGHT 
supplements, taken in the RIGHT way, can make a BIG difference.  And no 
two people will have the same metabolic response because their health 
profiles and biochemistry differs as does the functioning of their 

I never realized when I was young and a student earning a degree in 
Nutritional Biochemistry from Cornell Univ. how my life would be 
prolonged and positively changed as a result of my knowledge and 
training.  Sometimes you get lucky!


Bob, KQ2M

On 2022-10-22 08:16, James George wrote:
> Good article. Thanks! For me, an excellent take-away near the end
> listed three factors in maintaining a healthy memory: (1) performing
> cardio-vascular activities. (2) eating a healthy diet. and (3) staying
> cognitively active. I need more of (1) and will work on that through
> biking and walking/jogging. My wife and I are very good with (2) as I
> do the cooking and we use a service called “Hello Fresh.” In term of
> (3), I try hard with (no joking) CW, German translation daily,
> crossword puzzles, and lots of reading. A men’s book club helps a
> great deal in this last one.
>  Trying hard, especially CW at 30-35+ WPM. :-)
> Jim N3BB.
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>> On Oct 22, 2022, at 7:15 AM, Larry K4AB <k4ab at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> These "brain supplements" are dubious at best.
>> https://journals.lww.com/neurotodayonline/fulltext/2019/04040/fda_warns_companies_to_stop_false_claims_about.1.aspx
>> FDA Warns Companies to Stop False Claims About Supplements for Memory 
>> Loss - LWW
>> The Science Explained Article In Brief. Alzheimer's disease 
>> specialists applauded the US Food and Drug Administration action 
>> warning companies to cease making false marketing claims about the 
>> efficacy of dietary supplements for dementia.
>> journals.lww.com
>> GL to everyone in CQWW!
>> 73,
>> Larry K4AB
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>> I’ve wondered. Prevagen advertises constantly. Our family doc 
>> recommended something named Neurogen. I take it. No real effect plus 
>> or minus but am conscious of failing memory issues, especially when it 
>> was really a strong point all my life.
>> Jim N3BB.
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>> > On Oct 21, 2022, at 11:45 AM, Joe <nss at mwt.net> wrote:
>> >
>> > The other day the use of changing elevation desks was discussed.
>> > This can greatly help us aging Contesters.  The old bodies are not like they used to be.
>> >
>> > Here's something wild, has anyone tried and if yes, did you notice if it helped you at all in Contesting.
>> >
>> > Those Brain Supplements you see on TV all the time?
>> >
>> > https://prevagen.com/
>> > https://www.amazon.com/Neuriva-Plus-Capsules-Neurofactor-Vitamins/dp/B07PBZRDJN
>> > https://bit.ly/3D0lGVs
>> >
>> > Joe WB9SBD / W9ET

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