[CQ-Contest] Suggestion for the ARRL June VHF contest

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A better parallel would be the IARU HF Championship. It has single mode, CW or SSB, and mixed mode categories.
Also, for VHF distinguish only  between "analog" or digital, i.e. keep SSB and CW together. Over the years I've had many QSOs where a guy can't copy me on SSB, but does when I switch to CW.  I've never heard of an FT8 to CW mixed mode QSO.

73  -  Jim  K8MR

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Suggestion for the ARRL June VHF contest

Recently introduced digital modes have resulted in a
major change in the way contesters have operated in the
June VHF contest. A wide spectrum of opinions have been
expressed on the various e-mail lists. Many operators are
concerned for the long-term health of VHF contesting. To
what is considered by some to be a serious problem, there
is a feasible solution.

On HF (for example, Sweepstakes and DX) ARRL has had
separate contests for CW, SSB, RTTY, and recently
Digital. However, VHF has been slighted, like a neglected
child, with ARRL providing only combined-mode contests.
This inexplicable situation is easily corrected.

Suggestion for an ARRL June VHF contest series.
1. Three separate contests will be held, on the first
three weekends in June.
2. Each of the three contests will be conducted using a
single mode.
3. In 2023, the sequence of modes will be SSB, Digital, CW.
In subsequent years, the modes will be rotated.

1. The September and January VHF contests can be
considered later, after an experimental three contest
series in June 2023.
2. As with any proposed scheme, there are obvious pros
and cons; the challenge for operators is to balance
individual circumstances with VHF contesting in general,
and the long-term picture.


Mark, K5AM

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