[CQ-Contest] 6M CW

James Cain jamesdavidcain at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 10:15:26 EDT 2022

One more thing that really irks me...

Seeing band reports that don't differentiate between digital "decodes" and
what I shall call "aural modes." More false equivalence and

I've never been interested in the vhf bands. But about 10 years ago I got
in the June VHF Contest from Wisconsin with 100 watts and an 80 Meter
dipole and was treated to terrific Es openings both days on 6 Meters. I
made more than 200 aural QSOs, all of them on CW. That was so cool! I
worked a bunch of past acquaintances up in New England and all over the

The only period when I read QST's "The World Above" was years ago when Gene
Zimmerman, W3ZZ, wrote it. His writing was erudite, educational, and funny.
We lost a great one when Gene died. A few years ago when FTx rose from the
muck I read that QST VHF column for a couple of months. It was full of
de-code this and de-code that. Urp.

Next I will post about how FTx has ruined HF DXCC chasing. I got my Top of
the Honor Roll plaque 28 years ago so I shouldn't care, but.....

Finally, I'm mortified by some of the Heroes of Contesting, a few of them
in the CQ Contest Hall of Fame, who have bought into the FTx crap.

cain K1TN

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