[CQ-Contest] Setting up a QSO Database

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Mon May 22 02:07:58 EDT 2023

Hi Bob,

See comments interspersed.

On 5/20/2023 2:47 PM, kq2m at kq2m.com wrote:
> I am looking to create some sort of easily accessible and searchable 
> database that will hold basic info
> of the approximately 1,000,000 qsos's that I have made since getting 
> licensed 50 years ago  (August 1973).

I was lucky to discover DXKeeper, part of the AA6YQ's FREEWARE DXLab 
Suite, soon after I got back on the air in 2003. It runs in Windows. I 
log in N1MM (and WriteLog between 2003 - 2008), and after each contest 
export the ADIF, which I then import to DXKeeper. DXKeeper keeps track 
of everything -- tracks lots of awards, interacts beautifully with LOTW, 
eQSL, and ClubLog, keeps track of paper QSLs if you enter them, will 
print addresses to many sizes of labels and to the cards themselves. 
Prepares submissions for the most popular awards, keeps track of MANY 
> Ideally, if possible, I should be able to search the database by 
> callsign, DX country, band, mode, prefix, etc.

It does all of that.
> Even better would be if I am able to scan written pages with qso's and 
> have the software encode that info and add it
> to the database.  (I have thousands of pages of hand-written logs). 

Very unlikely, would require an excellent 3rd party application to scan 
your paper and convert to text, I would expect tons of corrections 
needed to my handwriting. :)

In addition to standard ADIF, it imports DX4WIN v7 and v8, DXBase and 
DXBase5, Hamlog v5.18 and earlier, Logger 16, Logic, N3FJP, SwissLog, 
TurboLog v3 and v4, WinLog32, and WriteLog.

> If that is not possible, then it should be a database
> that allows me to easily manually enter data for each qso 

No problem with that.

and would also
> allow me to upload cabrillo files or .bin files or something similar.

Not Cabrillo or .bin (unless a .bin produced by one of the supported 
programs -- I don't know their formats.

Other parts of the DXLab Suite can get frequency and mode info from the 
radio for real time logging. WSJT-X and JTDX can log to DXKeeper through 
JTAlert, which is what I use for those modes.

Dave Bernstein, AA6YQ, supports the software VERY well on his email 
reflector. Some years ago, he won an ARRL award for technical excellence 
in appreciation of this software, as well as for his technical support 
working out issues with LOTW.

73, Jim K9YC

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