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I have used drones to inspect antennas. The utility is somewhat limited,
even though you get high quality images from the drone. My experience is
that most of the things you're looking to see when using a drone are
probably too small or too subtle to easily see in a drone image... and
something more substantial would probably be visible from the ground.

At KL7RA, it is typically a very windy site, so on many days it is too windy
to fly and station-keep around the antenna elements. In a less challenging
environment it might be more useful than I have found it to be... but also,
when I've had problems that might be easily observed from a drone, the
conditions were not suitable for flight... for example, too cold (below
freezing) or too windy.

I have attempted to use the drone to string antennas over trees. The
challenge I have with it is that you have to carry a weight on the line and
it needs to be suspended below the drone by several feet in order to keep
the line out of the propellers. The weight also needs to be heavy enough to
pull the line through the tree once it is disconnected from the drone. All
of this is to say that I have not successfully done this... My drone was
unable to lift the weight I was using. I was about to try this past
weekend... but I need to update firmware before I can fly.


Wigi, KL0R

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I'm interested in looking uh hams that have flown their drone near their
antenna and I can see what footage they took.
I would like to see videos of what hams have taken with a drone of their

how much analysis of connections and taping can I do if I use a drone on my

thank you and provide the link to me please...........
 H0ZCW@ gmail.com
73    Charly

Charly, HS0ZCW
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