[CQ-Contest] Announcing FT4 Sprint Thursday Evening (North American time)

Dennis W1UE egan.dennis88 at gmail.com
Wed May 24 17:28:25 EDT 2023

To all FT4 ops:

This is a reminder that once again, the Northern California Contest Club is
pleased to present a new weekly half hour FT4 Sprint, aka the FT4 NS, this
Thursday evening North America time.  Non-North American Stations  are
welcome in this contest as well.

The start time of the FT4 NS is always Fridays at 0100Z, regardless of
whether we?re on Standard Time or DaylightSavings Time.

Since everyone is new to the FT4 Sprint, we are starting out with no QSY
rules and no Dupe rule, i.e. QSYing after a QSO is not required and
duplicate contacts are not permitted.  Those rules may change, but for our
first running on
this week

After the contest,please remember to submit your score to www.3830scores.com.
The name of this contest is "NCCC FT4 Sprint".  Reporting your score,
whether it be big or small, helps build enthusiasm for this event.That in
turn increases participation for future editions, which benefits all of us.

For those of you using the popular N1MM+ logger, one can use any contest
module that uses 1 pt per QSO and Grid squares as multipliers.  If using
just WSJT-X, you can use the NA VHF selection.

Also, keep in mind that this contest covers 7 bands, and features mults per
band.  If you got someone nearby, it could be 7 fast, easy mults!

The details of our first FT4 Sprint:
Friday, 26 May, 0100Z to 0130Z (Thursday, 25 May 2023 in North America)
--1800 to 1830 PDT
--2100 to 2130 EDT
--Normal FT4 frequencies
-- Multipliers are counted PER BAND
-- 100W max output power
--Report Scores to 3830scores.com- No Cabrillo submission necessary
--If you want a check on your "Not-In-Log" contacts, upload your contest adi
    to LOTW and you can check it there.

If you would like to receive all the latest info about all the weekly
Sprints,  as well as a vehicle for expressing your comments and questions,
sign up for the NS mailing list: https://groups.io/g/nccc-blue.

Report scores to 3830scores.com, and join us at 0300Z on 3610 kHz (+/- a
fewdepending upon who else is on) for comments and questions.?


Dennis W1UE

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