[CQ-Contest] Drones

h . wb2cpu at outlook.com
Wed May 24 20:06:25 EDT 2023

I see there’s expertise here using drones so I’ll ask a related question.

For the last few years I’ve been using balloons to lift vertical antennas on 160 and 80. (You can see a picture on my qrz page.) It works pretty well as long as the wind is below ~12 mph. Above that the antenna rotates far enough from vertical that the different coupling to ground makes it unusable.

I’ve been thinking that a tethered drone might do better in the wind. I’ve tried small, cheap (< $100) drones and they’re almost as bad as balloons. The more expensive drones claim better wind resistance. It doesn’t have to hold position too precisely; 10 to 20 degrees from vertical should be OK.

Any thoughts?

… howie, wb2cpu

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