CT9.02 in VHF contest

Ken Wolff ct-user@sttng.mlo.dec.com
Fri, 10 Jun 1994 17:49:14 EDT

On Wed, 08 Jun 94 15:49:29 EDT, BlckHole@aol.com wrote:
> For what its worth........
> The AA9D group ran a 7 node network in a field day type situation over the
> weekend in the ARRL VHF contest.
> We used V 9.02 and had a flawless weekend !!  No network crashes, no BS, no
> bad anything.  The pass and schedule windows display the proper freqs up
> through 5 GHz.  We ran up well over 1000 Q's with some kick butt rate at
> times.
> Since the was the first LARGE scale use of networked V9 out this way and the
> first use of V9 in the VHF contest, I thought I would let everyone know.
> We had a debate amongst operators about whether to use the new version,
> untested (for VHF tests) or use a version of 8.  9 won out.  
> Thanks Ken.  It works
> Keith  WB9TIY
Real glad it worked out! We used 9 at K1TR also. I have now removed the
duplicates column in the summary window and now show, CW, SSB, FM Q and GRID.
Ken Wolff K1EA