Peter G. Smith ct-user@sttng.mlo.dec.com
Sun, 19 Jun 1994 11:25:45 -0700 (PDT)

Can anyone give me the current CT BBS telno?
I assume that as a registered user of version 8, I will still be able to 
download the DVPTSR file, .CTY files, etc., even if I don't upgrade to CT 
9 right away.  Correct?

Sorry to be asking this elementary stuff, but my hard drive went west, 
and took a lot of my info with it.  I **now** own a tape drive!

73, Pete                                       2003 Sarazen Pl.
n4zr@netcom.com                                Reston, VA 22091
N4ZR@N4OHE (PacketCluster)