Getting 34-line mode with CT 9.02

Robert A. Wilson
Thu, 23 Jun 94 10:43:30 PDT

As you know, CT 9.02 has an optional 50-line mode which works great on big
displays but can be hard to read on a typical laptop.

By accident I stumbled onto a way to get CT 9.02 to work in 34-line mode,
which is very readable on any VGA display (including laptop VGA displays).

I use a product called Laptop Ultravision from Personics.  The version I
have is several years old.  The trick is to use CT's -NOW option to
bypass the initial prompts:

UV 80X34           (This invokes Laptop Ultravision and switches display to
                    34-line mode)

-L    tells CT to use Laptop-style monochrome.  Looks great on LCD displays
-VGA  tells CT to use 50-line mode (but it works for 34-line mode too!)
-NOW  tells CT to bypass the prompts and go right to the logging screen

If you leave off the -NOW, CT only uses the top half of the display.
But if you bypass the initial set-up windows with the -NOW option, CT
uses all of the display in an easy-to read 34-line font.  Laptop Ultravision
works with both LCD and CRT displays.

The only thing that doesn't work is that the mouse pointer won't move
down farther than line 25, but this isn't a problem because you still
have enough room to move the windows around any way you like with the

I really like the new feature that lets you make any window disappear
simply by clicking on it with mouse button two.  It makes for a much
less cluttered display.

Now, if only the packet window could be made a little bigger ...

Bob, N6TV