MASTERVH.DTA? TRUNC_BI ok with Version 9?

Robert A. Wilson
Thu, 23 Jun 94 11:49:21 PDT

I downloaded MASTERVH.ZIP from the BBS last night, thinking that this
might be a new MASTERUS.DTA with VEs and Ws that works with CT 9.

Yes, it does have both VEs and Ws, but not very many of them.  Some of
the callsigns that are NOT in the list:  WN4KKN, W6QHS, WZ1R, N6TV, ...
What is this file anyway?

Is there a better MASTERUS.DTA that works with CT 9, or will the old
version 8 file work?  (I thought someone said something about the
format of the MASTER.DTA file changing between Version 8 and Version 9).

The good news seems to be that Version 8's TRUNC_BI works with Version
9. This is very useful for setting up before the contest.  But is the
old TRUNC_BI really safe to use with Version 9?

Bob, N6TV