Bugs in NOWORKDUPE, CT 9.02

ken silverman ct-user@sttng.mlo.dec.com
Thu, 23 Jun 94 12:56:37 PST

Looks like you've been busy playing with CT.   Trying to fix CT is the correct 
way, but to get around it,  I tend just to put in pieces of messages.  My Tu 
messge is just "TU".  If I want it followed by my call, I push F4 "WM2C" in 
conjunction.   Yes, you get QSO B4 TU WM2C, but I see no harm in that.  Most 
people hanging around in a contest know it, and having "test" as a trailer to 
your call isnt always necessary.  Especially if you are DX.

On that note:  are you ready to join us on a M/S from some picturesque QTH?

Ken WM2C