Custom key overlays from V73C

Jim Reisert AD1C 23-Jun-1994 2129
Thu, 23 Jun 1994 21:25:49 -0400

I got a sample of an intersting product in the mail today.

Ken Wells, V73C manufactures custom key overlays for several software
programs.  The overlay samples I received were for K1EA's CT program.
These aren't the ordinary keyboard template that fits around the keys,
or a strip listing the commands.  Instead, these are actually little
stickers that you stick right to the top of the key.  Nothing to fall
off, get misplaced or in the way.

The text on the stickers is color coded - black for normal key, red
for control key, green for shift key and blue for ALT key, just like
the control, shift and ALT keys on your keyboard.  Since they stick on
top of the keys, it doesn't matter if your function keys are on the
left or on the top.  There are stickers for the 10 function keys plus
some of the keypad keys (ENTER, +, etc.) and ESC.

The ordering information is:

	Oklahoma Comm Center
	13424 Railway Drive
	Oklahoma City, OK  73114
	Tel:  800-765-4267

The cost of the overlays is $14.95 plus shipping.

73 - Jim AD1C