1-Wire Net

Ken Wolff ct-user@sttng.mlo.dec.com
Wed, 22 Jun 1994 11:00:41 EDT

On Wed, 22 Jun 1994 07:32:55 -0400, "Tony Brock-Fisher" <fisher@hp-and.an.hp.com> wrote:
> We have tried to do the 1-wire network with 3 computers with no success.
> What happens is that each computer is able to talk only to one nearest
> neighbor, i.e. the computers downstream don't forward the net traffic
> back out the port. I have v8.52 and have tried the -LOOP parameter
> on the startup line. Several have said it is 'SUPPOSED' to work. Of 
> course with only two computers, there is no difference between a 1-wire
> and a 2-wire network... Looks like it'll be a sneakernet field day...
> -Tony, K1KP, fisher@hp-and.an.hp.com

I have not yet rounded up three computers, wires and connectors. I will
make it work this summer.
Ken Wolff K1EA