PacketCluster window in CTv7

John Barry
01 Mar 1994 19:48:39 +0000 (GMT)

I have only been using the packetcluster window in CT for the past
couple contests, but it doesnt seem to be working as it should.
When I am in the PacketCluster window, it works perfectly, but
when I am logging, the DX spot does not flash up on the bottom
of the screen.

Instead the prompt from the PacketCluster will appear i.e.
EI7DNB de EI7M >
will be displayed on the bottom instead of the spot..

Any ideas??? I cant see any setting which could alter this?

CT v7 - Kantronics KPC4 - 486sx


p.s. Does anyone have an ftp address for Contest rules etc.??

John Barry EI7DNB