Mon, 7 Mar 1994 18:54:28 +0000

Hi All,

To add to the list of curious possible faults seen with MULTI.CFG, at
G0KPW in CQWW SSB last year I had a problem very similar to that
experienced by Jim, AD1C and Bob KR2J although I just put it down to a
quirk of that one machine. We had a network of 10 machines, of various
varieties, all running V8.43. While setting up my machine (an old
Zenith 16 MHz 386DX running MS-DOS 5.00), although it was all working
OK initially when I was just using the multi.cfg which I had copied
off another machine,  after I made a change to MULTI.CFG, CT would
bomb with a General Protection Fault and a register dump. Since it was
getting perilously late I dumped that PC and used a spare for the
event. The only way I managed to restore normal operation after the
contest was to re-install CT386.EXE. 

For what it's worth!


Andy Cook, G4PIQ.