help with comtsr's!?

Derrick Belbas
Mon, 14 Mar 1994 19:16:30 -0600 (CST)

Hi.  I'm just now trying to get CT to work with the TNC, and I'm having
GREAT difficulty.  I can get CT v.7, and my DXBase, and any other terminal
program to work, but CT v.8 doesn't do it here.  Apparently I'm doing
something wrong with the COMTSR's, I guess, although from the CT
documentation, it looks so simple I can't believe this is happening to me!!

I wonder if there's someone out here who could do a bit of e-mail with me
and try to help me work through this to the point where it's either working,
or I have to declare greivous hardware incompatibility.

Any semi-expert?   Help!

Thanks!  73  Derrick  VE4VV