CT Version 9

Robert A. Wilson n6tv@vnet.IBM.COM
Tue, 22 Mar 94 10:56:39 PST

Check out the ad for CT Version 9 in the April 1994 CQ Magazine.
Lot's of new features announced, such as paddle inputs, beam headings
(do they display in WPX, IARU and All Asian now?), band maps (displays
the frequency of the stations you work as you sweep the band, so you
don't have to waste time trying to dig out the callsign of someone you
just worked on the same frequency 10 minutes ago), 50-line mode,
adjustable colors and windows.

Could someone post the complete list of things new and fixed in
CT version 9?

When will Version 9 first be made available to the general public?  If
I send you a check now, will I have to wait until after Dayton?

Is it soup yet, or is it still "under development?"

Bob, N6TV