Serial numbering in WPX contest

Dick Dievendorff
Mon, 28 Mar 94 16:15:41 -0800

We lashed up two computers for a multi-single effort and
discovered on our first band change that the serial number
being allocated by CT for the new band started over at 1.
Some mad scrambling for the January issue of CQ led us to
believe that maybe for M/S a single sequence of numbers
would be more appropriate.

But when you have lemons, you make lemonade!  Go for it!
Multi Multi!  All antennas on the same tower and in some
cases (40/20 and 15/10) we had two antennas on the same
boom.  We had some ICE bandpass filters around and did some
furious rewiring.  It worked out GREAT!  We got soundly
trounced by M/S and good S/O efforts, but we had more fun
and less differential between what the "main" run station
operator was doing and what the "other guys" were doing.
When 20 and 15 both opened together, we had guys running

One problem that continued to bother us, though, was the
serial number being displayed in the "next QSO" area. Sometimes
it was the serial number next to be dispensed on that band,
and sometimes it was one more than the total number of QSOs
we had made on all bands.  We passed out a few funny numbers,
I'm afraid.  We got used to it and looked up the screen for the
most recent QSO number on the same band, and sometimes we entered
the QSO with a dummy number (to get the number to be sent out), and
went back and edited the received number.  You had to be there to
figure out why this made any sense at all!

This was CT 8.42.

We used Al's AD6E call and made about 2800 Qs for about 2.8M.

Dick Dievendorff, AA6MC (G0MFO)