CT networking

Fred Cady ieefc@msu.oscs.montana.edu fred_c@ece.ee.montana.edu
Mon, 09 May 1994 13:07:13 EDT

I have two questions:

1.  I have been trying to network CT computers using 2m packet 
to connect two computers running CT. (Thinking ahead to field day.)  
I wasn't able to get it to play.    

The idea is this:  Instead of hardwiring the the computer network, use
2m packet tnc's.  Has anybody done this?  Or know if it can or can't be done?
It seems like it ought to work.  May have to set up the packet 
connection before hand to get into converse mode.  And there may be
problems with throughput because of the 1200 baud 2m link.  

As an extension of the idea, if it works for two computers, will it work
for more by making multiple connections?  

When I tried it there wern't any packets being sent.  I suspect that there 
are no carriage returns to send the packets.  I wonder if there would
be a sendpac character I could try.

2.  Does anybody know if CT9 will network with version 8 running on a 
286 laptop?  That's what my expedition computer is.  

73, Fred KE7X