Multiplier Stations

Tue, 10 May 1994 12:43:15 +0100

>>If anybody else has cause to use this type of setup I would be very
>>interested to hear of any observations that are made.              
>>Paul Evans G4BKI - VP9KF - 8P9FT                                   
>>Courtesy of Chiltern DX Club newsletter, December, 1990            
>>relayed by Dick Dievendorff, G0MFO, AA6MC                         

Hi All,

Regarding multiplier stations I am interested also in what we are 
allowed to do in Multi-Multi situations. Does a receive only station 
count as a contest station? Hence, if yes then it could be possible to 
link by  packet an awful lot of "passive" radio stations directly into 
the contest network at the main contest site. With each "multiplier 
station" adding to the team. 

We have found that 70cms was OK for a multiplier station as long as 
the signal was 59++. With one notable error the setup worked great for 
the whole of the 48 hours (the error was a PSU accidentally switch off for 
the TNC!). A good trick to avoid setup errors is to get the TNCs setup with 
the right settings by default. So, swtich on and everything is ready. 
It is all to easy to get the TNC settings wrong and wonder for hours why 
CT over the radio link doesn't work(I know this now ;-)).

Darren - G7BKO