Administrative: CT-USER list software upgraded

Jim Reiset AD1C 13-May-1994 1214
Fri, 13 May 1994 12:10:22 -0400

I have upgraded the software that runs the CT-USER list.  You will notice
two changes:

1.  Replies now go to the list, rather than the sender.  This prevents
    the problem of a discussion starting on CT-USER and ending up on
    CQ-CONTEST because someone manually typed in the wrong list name.

2.  Bounced mail will be returned to me instead of the sender.

If you notice anything strange, please let me know.  If the list works
differently than you expect (compared to CQ-CONTEST, for example), let me
know and I'll see what I can do.  Because of our gateway, messages don't
look the same to me as the do to people outside the company.

73 - Jim AD1C

p.s.  Again I apologize profusely for the recent junk mail.  The software
      got into a loop.  I should not have picked a test list name that was
      so closely related to CT-USER!