com ports

David Robbins 413-494-6955 413-655-2714 (KY1H w h)
Fri, 20 May 94 06:29:30 EDT

for multiple com ports try the following:
digiboard makes an 8 port board that k1ea supports.  it only uses one 
interrupt which makes it nice for crowded machines.  you can also daisy
chain up to 4 of them if you really need to communicate, but i don't think
ken can handle more than one at a time.  they are a bit expensive, but it
is the one stop method for many com ports.  i have been using one with ct
for a couple years now with no problems.
the cheap solution is to go buy an ide-multifunction controlloer for $25.
disable the ide, floppy and printer ports by setting the jumpers and you 
have 2 more com ports.. you also have an installed spare disk controller
and a second printer port if you need it.  i found this out at a local 
store when i asked for a 2 port com card.... he said that when he asked
his supplier for one he got an ide card with the floppy cables missing
and the jumpers set to disable the disks.... at $5 more than the complete
card cost him!
73, dave