'from' and 'reply' addresses

David Robbins 413-494-6955 413-655-2714 (KY1H w h) ct-user@sttng.mlo.dec.com
Tue, 24 May 94 12:51:47 EDT

again i have been caught by the differences in mailing lists.  my last message
was meant to go to the sender, which it would have on the contest reflector.
but on this one the message looks like it orignates from ct-user and a simple
reply goes back to the list not the originator.  personally i prefer to have
the reply go back to the sender, not the list... this leaves the originator
with all the comments unless you specifically decide to post it to the whole
list.  it also makes it easier to find the originator's address in case they
don't put it in the signature...  my 'from' line is set up to send all that
stuff, but this reflector strips that off and puts it in the forwarding data
which apparently not everyone can see.  maybe this list should be changed so
that it works more like the contest reflector where most of us probably 
73, dave  ky1h robbins@guid2.dnet.ge.com