KY1H's msg on internet addressing
Wed, 25 May 1994 04:46:42 -0400

   Internal mail systems of various corporations and public e-mail services do
NOT work the same.  Attached below is one example of what happens to an
internet message, before it arrives at my desk.

   As you can see, Dave's assumption about the presence of the sender's name,
etc is WRONG.  The message has been sent to me by the reflector, not its
original writer.

   -- Eric HL/K3NA


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              ("RFC-822": <owner-ct-user(a)>, SITE:INTERNET)
                                                            Tue, May 24, 1994
                                                                  5:35 PM GMT
TO:("RFC-822": <ct-user(a)>,SITE:INTERNET)
RE:RE: E-Mail Addresses
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apparently your e-mail program is even worse than mine.  on mine i see not
only the from address, but every other address in between... sometimes 2
screens full of forwarding data.  but if i do a 'reply' it goes back to 
the sender (at least from this reflector, ct-user goes back to the reflector).
my 'from' line is setup to have name, call, home and work phones, and my
internet address.  if you don't see that in my message you should check your
program and see if there are some other options you haven't enabled, that info
has to be in the message that arrived on your system from internet.
73, dave  ky1h  (in case you can't find it)


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