klimas@uhavax.hartford.edu klimas@uhavax.hartford.edu
Tue, 04 Apr 1995 10:23:25 EDT

This has been on my BBS since December. I'll UUencode it and post it here:
CTMASTER.ZIP     26217  04-04-95  MASTER.DTA VHF-UHF calls file for CT v8.x
                                  -& CT v9.x compiled by K9PW from many top
                                  -VHF contesters nationwide. For use with
                                  -K1EA's CT contest logging program. CT -d
                                  -to load, Super Partial Check to utilize.
                                  -author: Pete_Walter-CPW005@email.mot.com
   co-founder:   (' O O ')    North East Weak Signal group, ARRL affil.
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