Chad Kurszewski WE9V
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 10:27:48 -0600

>> Did you use 9.26 or 9.27???
>Presumably 9.27. Whatever was current as of Friday afternoon. too.

>I don't know under what circumstances it did this, (it seemed to have 
>something to do with swapping mult and run stations, but we weren't in 
>any mood to sit there and figure it out), but it:
>1. Told you you had violated the rule, when in fact you hadn't;
>2. Said it was OK to QSY when in fact it wasn't.
>Which pretty much covers the ground, really :-(

Okay...I know about one thing that if you would change a QSO earlier
in the log (within 10 min.) that the timers would get screwed up.

But it ALWAYS seemed to error in a safe manor, at least for us.  IOW, it
never told us "QSY OK" when it wasn't.  Several times WE QSY'ed before it
said "QSY OK" because we knew it was incorrect due to some log editing.

The good news is that the new 10 min rule is easy as cake to manually
check during the contest.  The bad news is that I liked the old rule
better, although it was MUCH, MUCH more difficult to keep track of.

>I admit that the rule, although it sounds trivial, is not. Steve and I 
>got into a couple of discussions about whether a QSY was legal, and it 
>always took a minute to convince ourselves who was right. But we didn't 
>trust CT at all; it was obviously wrong on several occasions.

No, the rule isn't trivial.  Several years ago we got reclassified as M/M.
We now watch very closely to keep our noses clean.

I went back first thing Monday night and checked all of our QSY times.
The CHK_TEN.EXE does not work with the new rule.  It is much, much more
lenient than the new rule.  If you run CHK_TEN and pass, it only means
that there aren't any really blatant violations.  You will still need to
check manually.

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