Reflector Junk Mail
Wed, 6 Dec 95 7:56:14 PST

Why is it that everone seems to insist on cc-ing every reply to a query to the 
entire reflector? This A.M. I have 4 or 5 mails on "RES" files. Its like 
damned junk mail filling up my mailbox. I already had to drop off the dx and 
contest reflector due to this crap. 

Maybe its me, but I don't understand why the replies don't go to just the 
person asking the question instead of the whole world? If I want to know the 
answer, then I could ask them what they found out. 

It just seems to be another instance of the HAM-ego wanting to flap their jaws 
endlessly to the whole world about someting that most people probably don't 
care about. I reminds me of tuning across the 2 meter repeaters at communte 
time - don't those people ever shut up???


N 6 I Produce Electrons (hopefully not Endless drivel)

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