CTY files updated 20 December 1995

Jim Reisert AD1C AD1C@tiac.net (Jim Reisert AD1C)
Wed, 20 Dec 95 19:16:55 EST

The CT country files have been updated again, to reflect a few changes from
the recent CQWW contests.  All files, including CTY.DAT for CT9, as well as
CQWW.CTY, etc. for CT8 and older are avaiable.

To get the files:

1.  Anonymous FTP to:


    The CTY.ZIP file contains all files for both CT8 and CT9.  In addition,
    the individual files (CTY.DAT, CQWW.CTY, etc) are available at the
    VE7TCP FTP site above in the same directory, along with many other
    CT-related files.

2.  Send a mail message to ct-user-REQUEST@ve7tcp.ampr.org and request the 
    files you want, for example:

	GET cty.dat
	GET cqww.cty
	GET history.cty

3.  Download the file from the CT-BBS (508-460-8877), the file name is
    CTY-506.EXE.  Note that it may take a couple of days for K1EA to make
    the new file available for download.

4.  Download the file from the DX BBS (502-898-8864).  The file name is

Here are the release notes:

20-Dec-1995:	* Added BA as prefix for China, BY.
(CTY-506)	* Added DS1BMJ, EM1KA, EM1U and LU1ZB to callsign list
		  for Antarctica, CE9.
		* Added zone overrides (CQ=13,ITU=73) for VP8CRE in CE9.
		* Added JD1/JQ1SUO to callsign list for Ogasawara, JD/o.
		* Added AH2M (NY), AL7H (CO), KL7NA (WA), KL7HIR (PA),
		  KP4XS (SC), WL7WO (CT) and WL7Y (GA) to callsign list for
		  United States, K.
		* Added KG4ML and KG4TJ as callsigns for Guantanamo Bay, KG4.
		* Added 4J3P to callsign list for European Russia, UA.
		* Added RM1P, RS1P (CQ=17,ITU=20) as prefixes for Russia, UA.
		* Added RM2, RS2 as prefixes for Kaliningradsk, UA2.
		* Added RM8, RM9, RM0, RS8, RS9 and RS0 as prefixes for Asiatic
		  Russia, UA9.
		* Added CK7U (CQ Zone 3) to callsign list for Canada, VE.
		* Added VA2CT, VE2/N6AA and VE2CMH in Zone 2 to callsign
		  list for Canada, VE.
		* Added LZ0A to callsign list for S. Shetlands, VP8/h.
		* Added LU6Z to callsign list for S. Orkneys, VP8/o.

I am aware of the issue regarding UA1P, etc. callsigns in CQ Zone 17.  I have
chosen not to make any changes (yet).

As usual, please send any additions or corrections to AD1C@tiac.net

73 & Happy Holidays to all!

Jim Reisert

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