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                           REVISION HISTORY

This file describes all changes to the country files, with most recent
changes listed last.

New CTY.DAT for CT Version 9!

	* CT version 9 has a new country file called CTY.DAT.  This
	  means there is now a single country file for all DX contests.
	  In addition to the data previously stored in three different
	  CTY files, CTY.DAT also includes the continent explicitely
	  for every country, latitude and longitude (no more need to
          run CTYHDG, since beam headings are now computed internally
	  by CT), and a local time offset from GMT.  In addition, all
	  of these parameters can be changed on a prefix-by-prefix basis.
	  The special characters used to do this are described in the
	  CT version 9 manual.

	  Note that some primary prefixes in the CTY.DAT file (for
	  example, 4U1V) are preceeded by an "*".  These countries
	  are only valid for the CQWW and WAE contests, and the "*"
	  tells CT version 9 to ignore them otherwise.  Please do NOT
	  remove the "*".

CTY.DAT file format

	CTY.DAT is a new file format for CT Version 9.  It includes more
	information than the .CTY files for previous versions of CT.  This
	allows CT to calculate, in real time, beam heading and sun times.
	It also means that a single file can be used for all DX contests.
	The format is as follows.  Note that the fields are aligned in
	columns and spaced out for readability only.  It is the ":" at the
	end of each field that acts as a delimiter for that field:

		Column	Length	Description
		------	------	-----------
		   1	  26	Country Name
		  27	   5	CQ Zone
		  32	   5	ITU Zone
		  37	   5	2-letter continent abbreviation
		  42	   9	Latitude in degrees, + for North
		  51	  10	Longitude in degrees, + for West
		  61	   9	Local time offset from GMT
		  69	   6	Primary DXCC Prefix (A "*" preceeding
				this prefix indicates that the country
				is on the DARC WAEDC list, and counts
				in CQ-sponsored contests, but not ARRL-
				sponsored contests).

	Alias DXCC prefixes (including the primary one) follow on consecutive
	lines, separated by ",".  If there is more than one line, subsequent
	lines begin with the "&" continuation character.  A ";" terminates
	the last prefix in the list.

	The following special characters can be applied to an alias prefix:

		(#)	Override CQ Zone
		[#]	Override ITU Zone
		<#/#>	Override latitude/longitude
		{aa}	Override Continent

	See the examples on page 27 in the CT9 manual.

Known problems:

	* CT8 can override zones on a prefix basis, but can only
          override continents on a country basis.  This doesn't
	  work in a few cases, notably IG9/IH9, which are in CQ
	  Zone 33, and hence in Africa, but will be logged
	  as Europe.  Neither does it work for the part of Turkey
	  that is in Europe - there is no way to just override the
	  continent for the TA0 and TA1 prefixes.  This is really
	  only a problem for the IARU HF World Championship.  In
	  CQWW, the European part counts as a separate multiplier,
	  hence CT gets the continent correct.  In ARRL, contacts
	  from W/VE are the same number of points whether Turkey
	  is in Europe or Asia.

	  This is not a problem in CT9, because you can now override
	  the continent for a given prefix.

	* CT doesn't handle prefixes such as FR5ZQ/J correctly.
	  Listing FR/J as a prefix for Juan de Nova in the country
	  file doesn't work unless a station signs "FR/J" as his
	  callsign.  If you work one of these islands, you'll have
	  to add it to the country file manually.  Otherwise "/J" will
	  be logged as Japan, "/G" as England, "/T" as Reunion,
	  and "/E" as an unknown prefix.


12 Oct 1993	* HK0/Malpelo is in CQ zone 9, not 7.
		* Removed trailing 'AF' from IG9, IH9.
		* Changed IG9, IH9 to be in ITU zone 37.
		* Added 'AS' continent override to JD/o.
		* VP8GAV is in CQ zone 13, not 30.
		* Added more callsigns to KH0, KH8 and KP2.  These
		  are for stations that are still using the old prefixes
		  (KG6, KS6 and KV4, respectively).
		* Added KG4CQ, KG4DL, KG4EH, KG4HG and KG4MK to KG4 prefix list.
		* Added X5 to T9 prefix list, though these stations are Serbs
		  in Bosina, and are not licensed by Bosnian authorities.
		* Removed trailing 'EU' from TA0, TA1, etc.
		* Changed RN, UN prefixes for Karelo-Finish Rep.
		  back to RN1, UN1 and added RN5WW.
		* Added KX6BU to V7 prefix list.
		* Added CE3MMV/9 to VP8/shetlands prefix list.
		* Corrected spelling of Suriname and
		* I now use the same source to generate all three
		  country files.  Thus you might notice some cosmetic
		  changes in ARRL.CTY and IARU.CTY.

18 Oct 1993	* In Antarctica, replaced 8J1RY with 8J1RL and 8J1RM (JE1CKA).
		* Changed British prefixes 2,G,M to reflect correct callsign
		  structure.  #0, 2, 3 and 4 are HF stations, 2nd letter of
		  prefix indicates country (G4PIQ).
		* Changed GM0VR in Shetlands list to GM0AVR (G4BAH).  Also
		  added GM3KCE, GM3KLA, GM3KZR, GM3XPQ, GM4ETG and GM4FNA and
		  removed GM0ERM, GM4CAQ, GM4CHX and GM4JVC (all Scotland,
		  not Shetlands).
		* Changed KC6, KG4 back to simple prefixes.  CT checks
		  for 2-letter suffixes automatically (JE1CKA).
		* Added TA1 (Europe) as separate multiplier for CQWW (K3EST).
		* Changed 4J to be a prefix for Armenia (UG).  Though it is
		  assigned to Azerbaijan (UD) effective 1 January 1994, it is
		  currently being used by Armenia.
		* Changed X5 to be a prefix for Yugoslavia, since those calls
		  are not licensed by the Bosnian government.
		* Removed prefixes from country files that are duplicates
		  (supersets) of other prefixes for the same country and
		  have no override in effect.  Example:  VE2 callsigns in
		  ARRL.CTY file.

25 Oct 1993:	* Added the following Antarctic stations: CE9AP(13),
		  CE9OH(13), CE9SAC(13), CE9SDJ(13), DP0GVN(38), IA/I3JPA(30)
		  and LU4ZS(13).
		* Changed name of Germany to Fed. Rep. of Germany. (AK1J)
		* Removed TO from prefix list for France.  These stations are
		  Departements d'Outre-Mer and Territoires d'Outre-Mer, that
		  is, all overseas French territories.  If you work a TO
		  station, make sure to get the QTH! (F5JTL)
		* Added GM4CAQ to list of GM/Shetlands stations. (GM0ECO)
		* Changed default CQ zone of 4K4 from 19 to 18.  Make sure to
		  ask any 4K4 station you work what zone they are in. (N2AA)
		* Added UX to prefix list for Ukraine.  Removed UX2 prefix
		  from Kaliningrad (UA2), UX8, UX9 and UX0 prefixes from
		  Asiatic RSFSR (UA9) and UX1N prefix from Karelo-Finish
		  Republic (UN1). (NT2X)
		* Changed VP8GAV from Antarctica to S. Georgia.

16 Nov 1993:	* Added zone overrides for BY9M-BY9S since they are in zone 24,
		  not 23.  CT currently treats all BY9s as Zone 23.
		* Changed default zone of KC4AAA from 13 to 39, since that is
		  the zone they usually give out.
		* Added IB9, ID9, IE9, IF9 and IK9 to prefix list for IT9,
		* Added OH0MA, OH0MB, OH0MC and OH0MD to prefix list for
		  OJ0, Market Reef (OH3MEP).
		* Added a few specific US callsigns whose CQ zone does not
		  reflect the number in their callsign (i.e. AA6TT is in CQ
		  zone 4, not 3) (K1EA).
		* Changed 4K5ZI from European Russia to Ukraine (K3EST).
		* Added CH9(5) and VY9(4) as prefixes for Canada.
		  Note that starting 1 December 1993, VE9 will be assigned
		  to Nova Scotia, and a later version of CT will reflect
		  this change (VE1NH).
		* Changed main prefix of South Sandwich to VP8/s and South
		  Shetlands to VP8/h.  Prefixes should not be more than 5
		  characters long (N6TV).
		* Removed X5 as a prefix for Yugoslavia.  These stations don't
		  count as anything since they are not properly licensed

22 Nov 1993:	* Added zone overrides for WN4KKN and KI3V.
		* Added SM1TDE/4U to prefix list for OD, Lebanon (DF4RD).
		* Removed OH0MC from prefix list for OJ0, Market Reef (OH3MEP).
		* Added ST0K to prefix list for ST, Sudan (DF4RD).
		* Added zone override for VE9, New Brunswick.
		* Added VI9X to prefix list for VK9X, Christmas I. (W5KNE).

27 Jan 1994:	* Updated CIS prefixes again
(CTY-401)	  - I have kept most of the old prefixes in the list, since they
		    probably won't be used by their new republics for some time.
		  - Added RK, RU and RX variants for UA, UA1N, UA2 and UA9.
		    RK replaces UZ, RU replaces UW, and RX replaces UV.  UW,
		    UV and UZ will continue to be listed as prefixes for Russia,
		    as Ukraine claims they won't use these prefixes for a while.
		  - Removed UK variants for UA, UA1N, UA2 and UA9.  UK is now
		    being used by Uzbekistan, ex-UI.
		  - Changed standard prefix for Karelo-Finnish Republic to UA1N.
		  - Changed spelling of Kaliningrad, UA2, to Kaliningradsk, 
		    Kaliningrad is the capital city.
		  - Added zone overrides for UA8T and UA8V and their variants.
		  - Removed 4K0, 4K3 as prefixes for European Russia, UA.
		  - Removed 4K5, 4K6 and 4K7 as prefixes for Asiatic Russia,
		    UA9.  Now most 4K prefixes (except 4K2 and 4K4) will be
		    used by Azerbaijan, ex-UD.
		* Added 3Y0PI to prefix list for Peter I I., 3Y/p.
		* Added 3Y9YBA, KK6KO/KC4, W6REC/KC4 and AT3D to prefix list
		  for Antarctica, CE9.
		* Changed VP8CFM from VP8/o, South Orkneys to Antarctica, CE9.
		* Added ST0K (again) to prefix list for Sudan, ST.
		* Added VE2BQB in CQ Zone 2 to prefix list for Canada, VE.

09 Feb 1994:	* Changed primary prefix of Malyj Vysotskij I. from 4J1 to R1MV.
(CTY-402)	* Changed primary prefix of Franz Josef Land from 4K2 to R1FJ.
		* Added R1AN as prefix for Antarctica, CE9.
		* Added zone overrides for 4K1AFM (CQ 38, ITU 67) in Antarctica.
		* Changed prefix TX from France to French Guiana, FY (I2UIY).
		* Changed IW0 Sardinia to IW0U, and IY0 to IY0GA (I2UIY).
		* Removed IK9 and IL9, and added II9, IJ9, IQ9 and IZ9
		  as prefixes for Sicily, IT9 (I2UIY).
		* Added KH6CP/1, KL7HIR/3, KL7TF/4 and NL7H/6 as alias prefixes
		  for United States, K (I2UIY).
		* Added 4U1VIC as alias prefix for Austria, OE (except CQWW).
		* Added SI8MI as prefix for Market Reef, OJ0 (I2UIY).
		* Added SV2ASP/A as prefix for Mt. Athos, SY.
		* Added UA8, etc. prefixes back in - compacts ARRL list a little.

24 Mar 1994:	(never released)
		* Changed 9M0S to 9M0 as prefix for Spratley, 1S.
		* Changed prefixes for China from B to B[G,T,W,Y,Z] (Almanac).
		* Added BO as prefix for Taiwan, BV (BV5AF).
		* Removed KC4AAB as prefix for Antarctica, CE9 - KC4AAB is
		  a boat (K1KI).
		* Changed primary prefix for Bear I. from JW7 to JW/b.
		* Removed SI8MI from prefix list for Market Reef, OJ0 (OH3MEP).
		* Added PY0ZF as prefix for Fernando de Noronha, PY0F
		* Added PY0ZS as prefix for St. Peter & St. Paul Rocks, PY0S
		* Added PY0ZT, PY0M and PY0ZM as prefixes for Trindade, PY0T
		* Added 4K4POL (CQ:19, ITU:26) and 4K4QQ (CQ:19, ITU:25)
		  as prefixs for Asiatic Russia, UA0.
		* Removed Walvis Bay, ZS9 and Penguin Is., ZS0 (deleted
		  DXCC countries).

21 Apr 1994:	First release for CT Version 9, which uses CTY.DAT.
(CTY-403)	* Changed primary prefix for Bouvet to 3Y/b.
		* Expanded prefix list for United Nations HQ NY, 4U1U.
		* Changed primary prefix of Yemen to 7O.  Alias prefixes
		  are 4W and 7O.
		* Expanded prefix list for Easter I, CE0A.
		* Expanded prefix list for San Felix I., CE0X.
		* Revised prefix list for Juan Fernandez Is., CE0Z.
		* Extensive revision of prefixes for Antarctica, CE9.
		* Changed VP8GAV from S. Georgia, VP8G, back to Antarctica,
		* Removed Y as prefix for Fed. Rep. of Germany.
		* Removed 50USA as prefix for New Caledonia, FK.
		* Added FR5ZQ/E, FR5ZU/E as prefixes for Juan de Nova
		  & Europa, FR/j.
		* Removed FB8WZ as prefix for Crozet, FT8W.
		* Added the following stations for Shetlands, GM/s:
		  GM0MZD, GM0OMV, GM3UPU, GM4ZEX. (1994 CB)
		* Added KG6RE as prefix for Mariana Is., KH0. (1994 CB)
		* Added KG6JKR as prefix for Guam, KH2. (1994 CB)
		* Changed longitude for Banaba, T33 from 169.4 W to E.
		* Removed alias prefixes VE9 and VO2 from Canada, VE.
		  CT 8.53 already handles these properly.
		* Removed 92HY as prefix for Falkland Is., VP8.
		* Revised S. Shetlands, VP8/h.
		* Added ED0BOD, LU1ZA, LW3DPP, VP8BRT and VP8LU as prefixes
		  for S. Orkneys, VP8/o.  Removed LU5ZA, EC0BOD, VP8CKC.
		* CIS PREFIX NOTE:  I have retained some of the old alias
		  prefixes because they are still in use.  They will be
		  phased out when those republics have totally switched
		  over to the new prefixes.  There does not appear to be
		  any overlap with any new prefixes in use.
		  - Changed primary prefix of Ukraine from UB to UR.
		  - Changed primary prefix of Belarus from UC to EU.
		  - Changed primary prefix of Azerbaijan from UD to 4J.
		  - Changed primary prefix of Georgia from UF to 4L.
		  - Changed primary prefix of Armenia from UG to EK.
		  - Changed primary prefix of Turkmenistan UH to EZ.
		  - Changed primary prefix of Uzbekistan from UI to UK.
		  - Changed primary prefix of Tajikistan from UJ to EY.
		  - Changed primary prefix of Kazakhstan from UL to UN.
		  - Changed primary prefix of Kyrgyzstan from UM to EX.
		  - Changed primary prefix of Moldova from UO to ER.
		* Added zone overrides (CQ:17, ITU:20) for UA1P, etc.
		* Added UN1 and EM1N as prefixes for Karelo-Finnish Rep,
		  UA1N. (NT2X)
		* Changed ITU zone of UA8V, etc. to 33.
		* Added prefixes with RE, UE to UA1N, UA2 and UA9.

 8 Aug 1994:	* Deleted Karelo-Finish Republic, UN1.

 9 Oct 1994:	* Added ANT as prefix for Antarctica, CE9 (used by CIS).
(CTY-405)	* Updated prefix list for Azores, CT and Madeira Is., CT3.
		* Added FJL as prefix for Franz Josef Land, R1FJ (used
		  by CIS).
		* Added MVI as prefix for Malyj-Vysotskij I., R1MV (used
		  by CIS).

13 Oct 1994:	* Moved IG9, IH9 prefixes from Sicily, IT to Italy, I
(CTY-406)	  (IT9BLB).
		* Updated prefixes for Canada, VE (VE2ZP).

21 Oct 1994:	* Restored CR prefix for Portugal, CT.
(CTY-407)	* Restored CR3, CR9 prefixes for Madeira Is., CT3.
		* Added VE2PR, VE2NRK, VE2TJA, WJ2O/VE2 and VE2/WJ2O
		  (all in Zone 2) to Canada, VE.

19 Nov 1994:	* Added 4U9U as prefix for Burundi, 9U.
(CTY-408)	* Added TO0P as prefix for Martinique, FM.
		* Added FR5ZU/G as callsign for Glorioso, FR/G.
		* Removed PY0M, PY0ZM (etc.) prefixes from Trindade, PY0T.
		  This fixes PQ0MM from WW94PH.

10 Feb 1995:	* Added DU0K to prefix list for Spratley, 1S.
(CTY-501)	* Added 4U50UN to prefix list for United Nations, 4U1U.
		* Added VI0ANT, VK0FPS and VK0ERZ to prefix list for
		  Antarctica, CE9 (VI0ANT).
		* Moved LU1ZS to prefix list for Antarctica, CE9.
		* Added FR5ZQ/G as callsign for Glorioso, FR/G.
		* Added T93A/4U to prefix list for Haiti, HH.
		* Added KH6ND/7 to United States, K (came up as KH7).
		  JD1BJA, JD1BJE, JD1YAA and JD1YBJ to list of callsigns for
		  JD1/Minami Torishima (JR2BNF/1).
		* Added JD1AMA, JD1BIE, JD1BIK, JD1BIV and JD1BJC to list of
		  callsigns for JD1/Ogasawara (JR2BNF/1).
		* Added VE2UA in Zone 2 to Canada, VE.
		* Added VP29E to prefix list for Anguilla, VP2E.
		* Added VP8CGE and VP8CID as callsigns for VP8/South Georgia
		  (DXNL #912).
		* Added VP8SGP as callsign for VP8/South Georgia.
		* Added VP8CQS and DP1KGI as callsigns for VP8/South Shetlands.
		* Change prefix list for Yugoslavia to only list valid prefixes,
	          thus things like 4O4 won't count any more. (K3EST)
		* Added ZK1HU as callsign for ZK1/North Cooks (DXNL #912).
		* Added ZK1KH as callsign for ZK1/North Cooks.

28-Feb-95	* Added 3D2CT and 3D2CU as callsigns for Conway Reef, 3D2/c.
(CTY-502)	* Added GB6AR to callsign list for Wales, GW.
		* Removed LU1ZS from prefix list for S. Shetlands, VP8/h.
		* Added ZK1UVO, ZK1VDX and ZK1VTK to prefix list for
		  North Cooks, ZK1/n.

25-Apr-95	* Added Italian Africa for CQWW (K3EST).
(CTY-503)	* Added 4U9Q to callsign list for Zaire, 9Q.
		* Added TO5G to prefix list for Guadeloupe, FG.
		* Added TO2DX to callsign list for Martinique, FM.
		* Added TO7I to callsign list for St. Pierre & Miquelon, FP.
		* Added KL9K to prefix list for Korea, HL.
		* Added AH7, KH7, NH7 and WH7 to prefix list for Hawaii, KH6.
		* Changed prefixes for Kure, KH7, to AH7K, KH7K, NH7K, WH7K.
		* Changed prefixes for Alaska, KL7, to AL, KL, NL, WL.
		* Added KP3, NP3, WP3 to prefix list for Puerto Rico, KP4.
		* Added 4U/KC0PA to callsign list for Western Sahara, S0.
		* Removed old-style Russian prefixes beginning with R.
		* Added VY9CC (VE3) and VY9QR (VE5) to callsign list for
		  Canada, VE.
		* Added VP8CSE to callsign list for S. Orkney, VP8/o.
		* Simplified prefixes for Yugoslavia, YU.

12-Oct-95:	* Added BV9S to prefix list for Spratley, 1S. (K3ZO)
(CTY-504)	* Added 3D2AA, 3D2HI, 3D2HK, 3D2ID, 3D2KZ, 3D2MU and 3D2SH
		  to callsign list for Rotuma, 3D2/r (OPDX225).
		* Added 4U50VIC to callsign list for 4U1V, United Nations OE.
		* Removed prefix XR0Z from Juan Fernandez, CE0Z.
		  This will make it come up as Easter I., CE0A. (KK6EK)
		* Added UA3YH/KC4 to callsign list for Antarctica, CE9
		* Added TO5M to prefix list for St. Pierre, FP.
		  Changed TO5M under FM, Martinique, to TO5MM. (K9GS)
		* Added TO9IS to callsign list for French Guyana, FY.
		* Added GB5SI to callsign list for GM/Shetlands. (WZ1R)
		* Added JW2FL to callsign list for Bear I., JW7.
		* Added KG4AN, KG4CM, KG4MN and KG4NR to callsign list
		  for Guantanamo, KG4.
		* Added KG6ASO to callsign list for Marianas, KH0.
		* Added T8 to prefix list for Belau, KC6.
		  Removed T8 from prefix list for South Africa, ZS.
		* Added 4U/RW3AH to callsign list for Yugoslavia, YU.
		* Added VK9NM to callsign list for Lord Howe, VK9L.

07-Nov-95:	* Added 3D2OQ to callsign list for Rotuma, 3D2/r.
(CTY-505)	* Added 4U/OH2BBF as callsign for Rwanda, 9X. (425DX).
		* Added CE9/G0NKZ, VP8CQC, VP8CRE, VP8CRI and KC4/KN6UR
                  to callsign list for Antarctica, CE9.
		* Added TX8FU to callsign list for New Caledonia, FK.
		* Added KG4SH to callsign list for Guantanamo, KG4.
		* Added RQ1P (CQ=17,ITU=20) as prefix for Russia, UA.
		* Added RQ2 as prefix for Kaliningradsk, UA2.
		* Added RQ8, RQ9 and RQ0 as prefixes for Asiatic
		  Russia, UA9.
		* Added VE2QRZ in Zone 2 to callsign list for Canada, VE.
		* Added VK4ALF/9 as callsign for Mellish Reef, VK9M.

20-Dec-1995:	* Added BA as prefix for China, BY.
(CTY-506)	* Added DS1BMJ, EM1KA, EM1U and LU1ZB to callsign list
		  for Antarctica, CE9.
		* Added zone overrides (CQ=13,ITU=73) for VP8CRE in CE9.
		* Added JD1/JQ1SUO to callsign list for Ogasawara, JD/o.
		* Added AH2M (NY), AL7H (CO), KL7NA (WA), KL7HIR (PA),
		  KP4XS (SC), WL7WO (CT) and WL7Y (GA) to callsign list for
		  United States, K.
		* Added KG4ML and KG4TJ as callsigns for Guantanamo Bay, KG4.
		* Added 4J3P to callsign list for European Russia, UA.
		* Added RM1P, RS1P (CQ=17,ITU=20) as prefixes for Russia, UA.
		* Added RM2, RS2 as prefixes for Kaliningradsk, UA2.
		* Added RM8, RM9, RM0, RS8, RS9 and RS0 as prefixes for Asiatic
		  Russia, UA9.
		* Added CK7U (CQ Zone 3) to callsign list for Canada, VE.
		* Added VA2CT, VE2/N6AA and VE2CMH in Zone 2 to callsign
		  list for Canada, VE.
		* Added LZ0A to callsign list for S. Shetlands, VP8/h.
		* Added LU6Z to callsign list for S. Orkneys, VP8/o.

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