Possible OS/2 Warp fix for CT

Robert A. Wilson n6tv@VNET.IBM.COM
Wed, 11 Jan 95 11:05:20 PST

NS0B writes:
> I found that CT worked fine under OS/2 as installed at first.  However
> after installing some of the apps that came in the "Bonus Pack" I
> found that CT became broken, giving an error message before
> terminating abruptly.

> I found that the problem occurred when I installed the Internet access
> program that comes with Warp.

If you think the problem may be related to com port access,
try installing a fixed version of com.sys (the OS/2 com port
device driver), as follows:

1.  FTP to ftp.ibm.net
2.  user anonymous
3.  cd pub/warpcom
4.  get readme.wrp
6.  binary
7.  get com.sys
8.  quit
9.  Copy com.sys to d:\os2\ (or wherever the old com.sys is)
10. Shutdown and reboot and then try CT

Here is what it says in pub/warpcom/readme.wrp:

    A number of users have noticed COM port problems with OS/2 Warp.
    The problem is most often observed when using the Internet accesss
    kit.  It only occurs with certain COM ports that do not support
    hardware buffering.  The symptom is that the Internet connection
    appears to quit receiving data soon after the start of the

    If you are experiencing this problem, download the accompanying
    com.sys file, and put it in your \os2\boot subdirectory.  Then
    reboot.  This com.sys driver must only be used with OS/2 Warp.

    John McGarvey for OS/2 TCP/IP Development

Please let us know if this helps.

Bob, N6TV
Internet:  n6tv@vnet.ibm.com