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Brian Short ke7gh@PrimeNet.Com
Tue, 11 Jul 1995 22:51:31 -0700 (MST)


This is not intended to be a flame.

I am unable to use my FT-890 with CT.  It seems unclear that this
problem will ever be fixed.  Also, I cannot use my Heath HD1780
Intellirotor with CT.  It is unclear that this feature will ever
be included.  It would have been nice to use the CAT interface
with my laptop at my personal Field Day.  It would be nice to use
the FT-890 as a second radio at home.  The computer control of 
the rotor is nice in the Log Windows packet cluster program.

Another Field Day item is that I had to drag out my CMOS II keyer
paralleled with the LPT keying.  CT advertises in QST that the
program has paddle support.  I was told here on the list that it
doesn't.  It seems unclear if this problem will ever be fixed.

My question: Would I personally be better off with NA?  I am not
at all familiar with the program, but I gather it will support
my DVP board which I like.  I think it supports more contests
and has an open-ended feature.  It has paddle support which makes
laptop portable work easier.  Does it support FT-890?  Does it
have rotor control for Heath?

Which program do you recommend and why?  Please send me all of
your comments, personally if you like.  

73 de Brian

BTW Last I knew I was on the LTA list, too, but never get any mail?
Perhaps I'll try a post there, too, but thought I'd start here being
a loyal CT and DVP man.

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