Tyler Stewart kf3p@cais.cais.com
Wed, 12 Jul 1995 17:52:28 -0400

>Just an observation. I must say I'm a little dissapointed with the "Quality"
>of CT. I had assumed because it is popular and not in-expensive it would be 
>"bug" free. This seems to be not the case.
>Also, this "RS232" networking seems to be flakey based on what I read on 
>the news-group. Why not do away with it and just support "comercial" type
>Some of the workarounds such as optical fber would indicate that for serious
>contest stations, $$$ are not the prime consideration.
>73 to all
>Mel, VE2DC

NONE of the contest programs out there are completely bug free.  The serial
port networking is solid as a rock...if you have it set up properly and you 
are running version 9.2x (the last few versions) and it's rare when there is
a version that doesnt actually network properly.  Compared to previous 
generations, CT9.23 is relatively bug-free and stable.

CT is probably not as easy to setup properly as NA (dont know about TR) as it
requires the use of TSR's for the COM ports, DVP, etc.  However it is a more
efficient program and if you read the docs, it's should be pretty easy to get
your network going if you have good ports and complete/shielded null modem

73, Tyler KF3P

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