LPT1 Band Port Only!

Brian Short ke7gh@primenet.com
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 05:10:54 +0000

Below is my updated contest configuration for my contest computers.
(Feel free to depress the delete key at this point if you feel ill.)

There was an error in that only LPT1 can be used by CT for band info
for the Top Ten Decoder.  Please note that I have moved my printer 
to LPT3.  Also, I have included the possibility of 2-radio operation
with CT as well as N6TR (single computer).  

Anyone have the pinout for the CT control signal (radio 1/2)?  Ever
built a relay box?  For CW?  For SSB?

Anyone see any other problems, now?

BTW:  Computer configuration precedes installation of the Top Ten
      Decoders, then an automatic antenna switch, and finally the
      installation of the Dunestar filters.  It all fits together
      and soon I will be past the dubious job of configuring my two
      computers.  This thread deals with 2-radio operation and I 
      have received so little information, there is nothing to try
      to summarize.  Please don't flame, I'm just trying to set up 
      my station and others have asked to be provided with the info
      I get.  For now, this is about it.  Bear with me and I'll try
      to move on to the fun stuff, otherwise just delete everything.
      Before I know it, an entire station will be built.

73 de Brian

>Computer #1 486 DLC 40 VLB 8MB 340MB+420MB
>COM 1               4       3F8        Rotor/Modem
>COM 2               3       2F8        DSP-2232
>COM 3              12*      3E8        FT-990 CAT
>COM 4              12*      2E8        R-7000
>COM 5               5+      340        CT Network (FT-890 CAT)@
>COM 6              15       290        PK-88
>MOUSE              10       338
>LPT 1               -       3BC        CW/Band Port 
>LPT 2               -       378        CW Port
>LPT 3               -       278        Printer
>DVP                 7^      303
>3COM 3C503          5+      300        Ethernet
>Pro-Audio          11       ---
>Sound Blaster       7^      ---
>KCT/T (satellite tracker/tuner)
>*  Both radios will not be controlled at the same time.
>+  Ethernet and serial network will not be used simultaneously.
>^  DVP and Pro-Audio will not be used at the same time.
>@  FT-890 CAT replaces CT Network in SOP 2-Radio setup.
>By default, the DVP and Ethernet board base addresses will conflict,
>but I changed one of them, so now all is well.
>Computer #2 486 DX 2 VLB 4MB 850MB
>COM 1               4       3F8        FT-890 CAT
>COM 2               3       2F8        PK-232
>COM 3
>COM 4               7       2E8        CT Network
>MOUSE              10       338
>LPT 1               -       378        CW/Band Port
>3COM 3C503          5       300        Ethernet
>Pasokon            15       ---        SSTV
>Win Vision Pro                         Video Capture

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