CT9.23: Does yours work well ?

jh4rhf@ppp.bekkoame.or.jp jh4rhf@ppp.bekkoame.or.jp
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 18:05:12 +0900

Thanks for the responses to my previous message about CT9.23.
I received some e-mails, some boys succeed with CT9.23, but some have same 
problem of mine. I was relieved that it was not my trivial error.
I tried 386, 486sx, 486dx machines, tried -vga swith etc. but no success. Of 
cause, I already play with CT9.10a, and replaced CT.EXE and CTY.dat etc. with 
new (9.23) ones.
As I have not much time enough, and will go back to 9.10a, or NA9 I bought 
Thanks anyway.


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