main memory limitations

Bob Fabry--N6EK
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 17:47:20 -0700

I understand that there is a 65,536 QSO limit in CT.  We might come close to
this on Heard Island.  Am I correct that this would require 80 x 65,536 =
5.24 megs of main memory and thus with a computer with 6 Megs of main memory
or more the memory would not be a limiting factor?  We hope to be using
super-check-partial all the time with lots of QSO's and a big initial data
base.  Will the use of super-check-partial increase our main memory
requirements?  Is there any way in which 8 megs of memory would work better
than 6 megs for us?
-Bob, N6EK

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