CT notes from IARU HF

frenaye@pcnet.com frenaye@pcnet.com
Wed, 26 Jul 95 23:57:01 PDT

I almost forgot my notes about mostly minor CT problems we experienced in thr 
IARU HF contest.

1) When printing out the breakdown sheet the labeling for hours started at 
00Z instead of 12Z (just the label, the data was OK).

2) It was not possible to check which HQ stations were worked per band once 
we had 15 (?) different HQ stations in the log.  They'd scroll off the end of 
the multiplier listing.

3) When entering callsigns sometimes the callsign would get scrambled, with 
the last couple of letters moving to the front of the callsign (for example 
SM4CAN might become ANSM4C.  Weird.

4) The listing of potentially bad zones (*.ZON file) included all of the HQ 
stations we worked, where ITU zone is not the exchange...

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