Harvard Radio/CT BBS Phone numbers?

Randy Thompson k5zd@iconics.com
Sun, 30 Jul 1995 22:35:41 -0400 (EDT)

On Sun, 30 Jul 1995, Barry K. Cummings wrote:

> Hi. Recent attempts to contact either Harvard Radio or the CT BBS have 
> resulted in many rings, no answers. Have the numbers been changed?
> .....................................................Barry
> -- 
I just saw K1EA this evening at the K1AR 40-th birthday bash.  They moved 
about 2 months ago, and the business has been so busy that they have not 
gotten the internet connection reconnected.  The BBS has been sporadic.  
WZ1R has been trying to answer the help line when possible.

The good news is that they are working on getting back on the Internet 
and with a full ftp site.  Just hang in there for another few weeks.

It is obvious that Ken's new company is consuming all of his time right 
now.  We got spoiled when he took a few years "off" to develop and 
enhance CT.  The pace of development has slowed, but not been forgotten.

At the party, a group of us were trying to think of new features we would 
want CT to have.  We couldn't make a very long list.  It is still the best.

Randy Thompson, K5ZD

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