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LondonSM n2ic@drmail.dr.att.com
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 07:42:20 -0600

On Jun 6,  8:14pm, Rod Greene wrote:
> What is the most current version of CT for an XT (8088) PC?  I have a copy
> that is version 8.53.  Is there a newer version?  If so, how do I get one?
> (Registered Owner) Are there any options at startup that will help make the
> display more clear?  I am using an old Gridlite Plus and the screen is a bit
> dim. (mono of course)  Trying to get it ready for FD.
> Thanks, Rod w7zrc@micron.net

Save yourself the trouble, and don't even attempt to use 8.53 on an XT.  Once
you press the F8 (check partials) key, the key stroke-by-key stroke automatic
check partial is enabled.  This results in unacceptably slow performance on an
XT.  The undocumented "-k1xm" startup option to disable the automatic check
partial only works on an AT or higher class PC.  An upgraded laptop running CT
9, or brand "N" software on an XT is a better answer.

Steve London, N2IC/0

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