PC-XT Version

John Zapisek K2MM k2mm@maspar.com
Wed, 7 Jun 95 10:23:26 PDT

> [W7ZRC]  What is the most current version of CT for an XT (8088) PC?

Versions 9.nn work only on 386+ machines.  And you don't want the latest
release-8 version (8.53) either because . . .

> [N2IC]  Once you press the F8 (check partials) key, the key stroke-by-key
> stroke automatic check partial is enabled.  This results in unacceptably
> slow performance on an XT.

I think a good version to try is 8.45 (or thereabouts).  You can turn off
the crippling Super-Check-Partial behavior by using <F9> or <F10> to cover
up the <F8> window.

Good luck and 73.  --John/K2MM

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