Field Day

David Shipman
Tue, 13 Jun 1995 21:30:12 -0700

Perhaps someone can help me with the following:-

Our local radio club (North Shore Amateur Radio Club)intends to use CT for 
Field Day this year.

In looking at 8.45 v 9.20 it appears 8.45 does not have the novice bands and 
is more useful to a Canadian 1A station in that band changes are less prone 
to error by the less experienced operators.

Does CT handle the 15 minute band change rule. If it does I have not 
discovered it yet.

Foreign stations (ie non ARRL/Canadian) can send RS(T) and QTH. CT does not 
appear to accept these in that the second character of the class expects A 
through E, while the section only accepts valid sections.

Any input on the above will be appreciated. Thanks

                     David Shipman, VE7CFD

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