CT FD problem?

Jeffrey Yeager jnyeager@southern.edu
Sat, 17 Jun 1995 17:52:18 -0400 (EDT)

Was playing with CT v9.23 last night getting ready for FD.  In the fd contest
CT wont let me log 10m contacts with my IC-737.  I get an OUT OF BAND error
when I try to enter a contact. It does this with both a 735 and a 737.

Also when using ct to qsy to a novice band (15N) it sets the radio at
2.1**.** instead of 21.***.**.  

The only way I found to log 10m Qs was to switch to radio 2 in ct.  (Am 
using only 1 radio actually)  Has anyone else experienced this?
The rig control works fb in CQWW and WPX.  Using 386sx40,  4 meg,  v9.23.

73  Jeff KQ4HC

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