CT 9.23 problems with FD

reisert reisert
Mon, 26 Jun 95 08:31:45 -0400

Msg #849  From: WA3WJD  Date: 26-Jun 0253Z  Subj: anyone have CT probs at FD?

We had a strange problem with CT 9.23 at field day. We had
4 computers networked with packet, and anytime we tried to enter
a QSO on 10, 6, 2, SAT or PKT, CT said "out of band" and
refused to log the QSO. Anything above 10N for a band setting
had this problem. The only way we could enter QSOs on 10, 6
2 or PKT was to enter them on another HF band, then go back
and change the QSO to 10, 6, or 2! Everything logged perfectly
on 10N or below. This happened at all operator positions. Two
of the positions had computer controlled rigs, and two did not.

Anybody else have this problem? It became a major hassle on
those bands.

73, Brian WA3WJD

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