CT 9.23 problems

26-Jun-1995 1208 yanagi@parvax.ENET.dec.com
Mon, 26 Jun 1995 11:47:47 -0400

RE: From: WA3WJD  Date: 26-Jun 0253Z  Subj: anyone have CT probs at FD?

>We had a strange problem with CT 9.23 at field day. We had
>4 computers networked with packet, and anytime we tried to enter
>a QSO on 10, 6, 2, SAT or PKT, CT said "out of band" and
>refused to log the QSO. Anything above 10N for a band setting

I had the exact same problem, both at my home station, as well as at N2WM.
N2WM was using 9.23, I was using 9.15 and also tried 9.24.

I had some other problems:

Many times 9.24 would hang, especially in startup.

Another problem I had is with a new color notebook.  The sections map was
empty.  If I started up CT -L 95FD, it was fine, without color, of course.
This happened with 9.15, 9.23, and 8.54.  I assume something was incorrect
on the notebook.  Any ideas?


John N2KJM / yanagi@njo.dec.com

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