FT-890 users....

V.LONG.SA@ocf.compuserve.com V.LONG.SA@ocf.compuserve.com
03 Nov 95 10:08:32 EST

From: V.LONG.SA at OCGRV02
Date: 11/3/95 9:49AM
To: >INTERNET:ct-user@ve7tcp.ampr.org at OCF_INFORM
Subject: FT-890 users....
    I am interested in using my FT-890 with CT. Anyone out there doing
    this? I need a little assistance if anyone out there is using there 890
    with CT. Is this cut-n-dry or difficult to do?  I'm not a big (or
    serious) contester, but just like to get on give guys some Q's and work
    new band countries during the DX contests.

    I'm going to try SS this weekend but not serious, just want the PIN.
    Maybe one of these days when I get the new house built on the 15 acres
    we'll get real serious.

    Any help witht the 890 and CT is very much appreciated.

    73 de Scott AA8SM

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