Bus mouse in radio out SOLVED

Rick Laity rlaity@fox.nstn.ca
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 13:08:30 -4

Thanks for the info and the advice guys. Kent KQ4KK came up with the 
solution that worked. 
The solution - Shutdown win95 and restart in msdos mode, load the 
comtsrs and fire up ct. ie: just like we used to do in msdos. I was 
sure I had tried this but apparently not :-)

Here is one piece of advice I can pass along. While I had the case 
open playing around with boards, jumpers and stuff I noticed the chip 
cooler on my dx4-100 wasn't working. A little manual spin got it 
going but it does the same thing everytime I start the computer. This 
is the 2nd one of these to fail in the past year. At least the first 
one was decent enough to make a lot of noise. 

Thanks again

Rick Laity VE1AZN          |
rlaity@fox.nstn.ca         |

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