CTY files updated 7 November 1995

Jim Reisert AD1C AD1C@tiac.net (Jim Reisert AD1C)
Tue, 07 Nov 95 23:05:21 EST

The CT country files have been updated again, to reflect a few changes from
the recent CQWW contest.  All files, including CTY.DAT for CT9, as well as
CQWW.CTY, etc. for CT8 and older are avaiable.

To get the files:

1.  Anonymous FTP to:


2.  Send a mail message to ct-user-REQUEST@ve7tcp.ampr.org and request the 
    files you want, for example:

	GET cty.dat
	GET cqww.cty
	GET history.cty

3.  Download the file from the CT-BBS (508-460-8877), the file name is 

4.  Download the file from the DX BBS (502-898-8864).  The file name is

Here are the release notes:

07-Nov-95:	* Added 3D2OQ to callsign list for Rotuma, 3D2/r.
(CTY-505)	* Added 4U/OH2BBF as callsign for Rwanda, 9X. (425DX).
		* Added CE9/G0NKZ, VP8CQC, VP8CRE, VP8CRI and KC4/KN6UR
                  to callsign list for Antarctica, CE9.
		* Added TX8FU to callsign list for New Caledonia, FK.
		* Added KG4SH to callsign list for Guantanamo, KG4.
		* Added RQ1P (CQ=17,ITU=20) as prefix for Russia, UA.
		* Added RQ2 as prefix for Kaliningradsk, UA2.
		* Added RQ8, RQ9 and RQ0 as prefixes for Asiatic
		  Russia, UA9.
		* Added VE2QRZ in Zone 2 to callsign list for Canada, VE.
		* Added VK4ALF/9 as callsign for Mellish Reef, VK9M.

Jim Reisert

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